Sproutl – Our Gardening Tech Startup

In the lockdown spring of 2020, I joined Sproutl as Chief Creative Officer (a rather grand title as there were only 3 of us at the time, but we had ambition). The idea was simple: to bring together the UK’s best garden centres, shops and nurseries in one shiny site – delivered to your doorstep.

Imagine… there you are, reclining on the sofa with a Pot Noodle watching Netflix, you see a plant/ fire pit/ enormous apple tree you like on the Instas, and just giving it a tap to order. Airbnb, Deliveroo, ASOS. Uber. Gardening is one of the last industries where this doesn’t exist.

But more than that, we wanted to make gardening easy. Inspiring. Witty. And utterly un-intimidating. A brand designed for a new generation of sprouting gardeners.

16 months later, Sproutl is now a team of 30 brilliant people. We have our first sellers/ partners up and running and – much to our shock – have just received £6,500,000 of Series A funding from Silicon Valley.

Come and explore the full site here – from edits to collections, articles to how-tos, this is a brand right at the beginning. We’ve got a ludicrous number of shiny things in the pipeline, but here’s a selection of my favourite work so far…

Our Position On Peat – and why we refuse to sell it.

How-Tos The Sproutl Way – from the hairiest horticultural expert we know. (And two more Sam Says over on Sproutl.)

Sproutl Heroes, Episode 1 – “plant something: you never know where it will take you”.