When BBC Three announced that they were moving off air and onto the Internet, everyone lost their shit. “It’s the end of the channel!” they said. “The BBC is dead!” Which is a tad embarrassing when you consider that they followed straight up with Fleabag.

But at the time, and amidst the backlash, they needed to announce the move with their signature cheeky confidence. Which is where we stepped in.

Alongside many highlights, we got to produce the entire ‘Barker Channel’ – the programming that plays, back to back, once the channel is off air. The following public information film is by far my favourite, staring People Just Do Nothing’s Chabuddy G, with cameos from Romesh Ranganathan, Stacey Dooley, and Tyger Drew-Honey.

On the day of launch we set up a series of BBC Three ‘hacks’ – hustling into all sorts of flagship BBC programming. People Just Do Nothing taking over the Radio 1 Live Lounge was glorious.

I ECDd this campaign with the entire and glorious creative department of Sunshine.