Hollie Newton

The thought behind Foot Locker was simple: 'sneaker enthusiasm beyond reason.'
Whether the tale of a young lad who can tell a sneaker's make and model just by sniffing it...

Shoe Sniffer from Hollie Newton on Vimeo.

Or a Footlocker 'striper' so sneaker obsessed that he doesn't notice a customer has an upside down head...

Outcast from Hollie Newton on Vimeo.

Or this tale of sneaker obsession so powerful, that our client decided not to release it. To keep myself out of jail, I’ve popped a password on the link.
Password: exeter
Shhhhhhhhh… it’s a secret.

White Shoe Punch from Hollie Newton on Vimeo.

We also made squillions of ‘mini films’ - a couple of which are below...